Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shake It Up - New Photo Design By Helena V. Studio

This week I visited the store in Grand Central Station in NYC and was drawn to Mrs. Salt + Mr. Pepper. I photographed them in my studio a few days ago and created an ad, attached above, that I plan on submitting to Pylones for review.
I thought to share a little about my production process because some of you may be wondering "how did she create that?". If you are curioius, read on, if not, I hope you like the composition.
In brief, I printed out "You Can't Eat Money", one of my photos from The Museum of Messages, at 16"x20" and then created a set with my Hasselblad camera, Broncolor lights, reflectors, diffusers and lastly I tethered my camera to my Apple MacBook Pro. After shooting several compositions I chose the sharpest, best lit option and then, in post production, I created the ad above in Adobe Photoshop.

You may see it at a larger scale at
If you'd like to share your opinion, shoot me an email at, as I would very much like to hear your thoughts.

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