Monday, February 28, 2011

Funny + Fantastic Foto

This afternoon I found a photo by Glenn Wexler on that I thought was funny and fantastic. Very Clever! So much so that I had to share it with you. If you click on the photo above you will see some more of his brilliant photographs.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creative Opinions

This evening I will be attending a fine art photo portfolio review at Calumet on 22nd Street in NYC at 7 pm. In the past, I have presented my photo fine art concept, The Museum of Messages, to many other creative professionals at other reviews and gotten excellent feedback. This has allowed me to expand my ideas further. 
If you are new to this blog, I'd like to introduce the The Museum of Messages to you. In brief, since 2006, I have been diligently photographing messages that people write in the public domain about love, the environment, politics, humor, loyalty and more. After I shoot them, I return to my studio, download the messages, clean them up in Adobe Photoshop and post them to my online gallery. The reason I think this is important to do is because the messages don't have a very long life span because city cleaning crews paint over or wash away these words so I think it is important to document these visual voices for others to think about, learn and enjoy.
By profession I am a Marketing Designer that takes Professional Photographs. The way I have expanded my concept is by photographing fashion accessories with a message that I have found on the street, in my studio with my Hasselblad H3DII camera, and then in post production, I create a marketing piece to help one promote their products. If you'd like to see some examples, you may at
I am looking forward to getting feedback tonight. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Presenting NYC Fashion Photographer Albert Watson

Mr. Albert Watson, a well known fashion photographer in NYC, is speaking at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park Thursday February 17, 2011 at noon. If interested you can learn more at

Mr. Watson has made his mark as one of the world’s most successful fashion and commercial photographers during the last four decades, while creating his own art along the way. Over the years, his striking images have appeared on more than 100 covers of Vogue around the world and been featured in countless other publications, from Rolling Stone to Time to Vibe —many of the photographs iconic portraits of rock stars, rappers, actors and other celebrities.

Albert also has created the photography for hundreds of successful ad campaigns for major companies, such as Prada, the Gap, IBM, Levi’s, Revlon and Chanel, and he has directed more than 200 TV commercials and shot dozens of posters for major Hollywood movies.

All the while, Albert has spent much of his time working on personal projects, creating stunning images from his travels and interests, from Marrakech to Las Vegas to the Orkneys. Much of this work, along with his well known portraits and fashion photographs, has been featured in museum and gallery shows worldwide. The photo industry bible, Photo District News, named Albert one of the 20 most influential photographers of all time, and he won the 2010 Centenary Medal from the Royal Photographic Society.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

J. Henry Fair - An Artful Environmental Impact

Exhibition ends at Gerald Peters Gallery
on Friday, February 11, 2011
The vivid color photographs of J. Henry Fair lead an uneasy double life as potent records of environmental pollution and as ersatz evocations of abstract painting. This makes “Abstraction of Destruction,” his exhibition at the Gerald Peters Gallery, a strange battle between medium and message, between harsh truths and trite, generic beauty.
I met J. Henry Fair on the train on the way back to NYC a few weeks ago. I am so very glad that he introduced himself because I saw his show this afternoon and was awestruck by the colors that popped off his photos. He was also written up in Photo District News in Conor Risch's Exposure section. I highly recommend seeing his exhibition.