Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Product Photos From India

This week I photographed some products that came from India. Above you will see one composition that I created with a distant shot of a scarf (flush left) and then a detailed photo  of it (flush right). 
After photographing it in various ways (I took a total of 20 shots with different lighting schemes) I selected the two photos above, edited them in post production so they popped a bit more, and laid them out in a spread, which you can see above. 
I think the lighting and movement of the image is quite nice!!! Do you agree? 
If you'd like to see some other new images you may at
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yes Future

Recently I was in Bayonne, France and walked by this message that stated, "Yes Futur".  Originally there was no "e" at the end of "futur" so in post production I added that character so it read "future". 

Ahhhh....the future!!! Such a mystery!!! I thought that this was a pretty powerful image because of the bridge, in the background, signifying a connection. 

I have added this photo to
The Museum of Messages website. I think the composition turned out nicely.  

May your future be full of peace, joy, prosperity and love.