Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Sunshine

Happy Spring Folks!!!!

A few weeks ago I was walking downtown on 5th Avenue in NYC and saw all these vibrant colors in the Kate Spade window. I had to go into the store, so I did. When I entered I saw this great hat (above) that reads "Hello Sunshine". I am builiding my photo design portfolio so I thought why not create an advertisement?!?!
I bought the hat, returned to my studio, spent two days photographing it at different angles and a few more days working in post production and designing the ad above.

If you'd like to view it at a larger dimension you may at :


Do you like it? I'd like to hear your opinion if you care to share.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spark-Inspiration For Creatives

Spark is a group of independent graphic design professionals who meet each month to enlighten each other on the business and creative issues that are relevant to design studios.
They are having a panel on mobile app design that I thought to share with you.
New Date/New Location: Tuesday April 19th at Noble Desktop.

Spark Panel - Mobile Apps Design, Production and Strategy

: Noble Desktop  | 594 Broadway New York, NY 10012
Time: 6:30 pm time to chat; 7:00 pm discussion begins
Cost: Free for members, $15 for non-members
RSVP: rsvp@sparknyc.org

Mobile Apps
are exploding in popularity and forever changing the way we communicate. Find out the latest in apps innovation, and how some smart designers are using it. Our panelists will discuss:

 Concept strategies that make them relevant for clients

 How to scope and price them. What the production process and timeframe entails

 What is the unique interface vocabulary that is being created

Panelists Include:

Alon Koppel

Alon founded FusionLab, Inc. in 1999 after working in NYC as a designer and art director. FusionLab focuses on information and interface design for web and mobile devices. They believe in clean design, hard work, and exceptional client service. Clients include Thomson Reuters, The New York Landmark Conservancy, Condé Nast, The Population Council, The Joan Mitchell Foundation, Architectural Digest, The Authors Guild, Montefiore Hospital, as well as local nonprofit organizations and businesses.

David Link

David is the co-founder and creative director of The Wonder Factory, a creative company that creates and manages humongous, complicated site launches. Clients include WebMD, Martha Stewart, Newsweek, National Geographic, Food Network and Flock.

David is a designer at heart and is happiest collaborating with his UI and design team.
Garrett Murray
Garrett Murray has been designing and developing web and mobile applications for more than 10 years. His clients include Delta Airlines, Pfizer and the United Nations. He designed and developed Ego, a popular and critically-acclaimed iPhone/iPad application for tracking all of your important web stats in a single glance.

Recently, Garrett founded Karbon, a design/development agency in New York City where he and his compatriots are building fun and useful new applications and products.

Moderated by:

Sheri L Koetting

Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of MSLK, a marketing and design agency based in NYC that just launched their own proprietary app, OTO.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Want To Learn How To Shoot Video on your DSLR Camera?

If you're a photographer looking to expand into video the new PDN (Photo District News) HDSLR Video Workshops will help you gain the valuable knowledge you'll need to compete in this new arena. Our goal is to remove any technical apprehensions you may have about creating videos. No previous experience is required!
  • A comprehensive understanding of camera settings
  • Technical training in HD video formatting including aspect ratios, frame rates,terminology, digital movie formats and more
  • An understanding of composition for motion pictures
  • Skills in basic sound recording, audio capture and the incorporation of background music
  • Interview and storytelling tools
  • Workflow training, including how to export your projects
Sign up here -  http://www.pdnvideo.nielsencontests.com/?email