Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Museum of Messages on Kickstarter.com

The Museum of Messages, previously known as Discreet Messages, is a photo project that began in 1999. These photographs are images of messages that people write or design in landscapes, mostly urban, about the environment, love, politics, humor, fear, expression, loyalty and more. As an artist Helena V. thinks it is very important to document these visual voices because people are attempting to publicize their thoughts for others to read, think and learn.
Since these words don't have a very long life span, because city crews clean up these expressions, Helena V. feels that it is her duty to document these words with her camera and, when she thinks it is appropriate, she cleans up the surroundings of the messages she shoots, in Photoshop, so she can exhibit and publish them for others to appreciate.
Helena V. would like to continue to build this photo project but in order to do that she needs time. Time to scout for these visual expressions, photograph them, process the photos, clean them up, publicize them online and to search for exhibition opportunities for the public to see. Time is money and with your help she can move forward with showing others what is important to them and how they feel about the world around them.

If interested, you may contribute at http://bit.ly/9C37GE

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